Now, I don’t like making generalizations, but with only one exception (here’s lookin’ at you Dave W!), every hippie I’ve ever met smelled really bad.  Is it just Canadian hippies? Or is this Not Bathing thing a thing? Well, if it’s a thing, then I can imagine no fate worse for a hippie than drowning in a bubble bath.


I would like to announce that next week Tuesday I will be starting a NEW COMIC which will be eventually replacing Cyko Kid.  Cyko Kid has been an invaluable learning experience, and a lotof fun, but as I’ve been hinting, it is time for a change.

I am uncomfortable with rehashing the same joke over and over, and that is what Cyko Kid is – he encounters someone annoying, and attacks them.  It has been my hope to show how childish this kind of behaviour is (hence why CK is a child).  But I don’t want to be like Garfield – endlessly beating the same dead horse, so I am going to cease regular updates for Cyko Kid, and will be starting a new project.

Cyko Kid will keep updating Tuesdays until we hit episode 52, which will mark a year of updates, and then regular updates will end.

That doesn’t mean updates will cease altogether, though, because I might do a new CK here and there when the mood strikes me.  So if you like CK and want more, make sure you subscribe to the RSS, Like the Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter, and you’ll know when a new comic has arrived.

I’m super excited for this new project! I’m hoping to do updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so you’ll have double the fun.  Stay tuned for next Tuesday when I will officially launch the new project! And thanks for reading!